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Appeals Process

The Co-Curricular Appeals Process
The purpose of an appeal is to provide resolution to any discrepancies between the validator* and student** regarding a student's co-curricular record.
A student can begin the process of an appeal should they believe that:
  • There was an error in the process; or
  • A decision was made unfairly; or
  • Critical information was excluded from the initial validation process.
Step 1:
The first stage of the co-curricular record appeals process is for the student to arrange a meeting with the validator in order to discuss possible solutions.

Step 2:
If the validator and student do not come to a mutual agreement, the student can choose to schedule a second mediation attempt with the Coordinator, Co-Curricular Programs (Humber College) or Student Life Coordinator (Guelph-Humber) to provide mediation between the validator and the student in order to come to a resolution.

Step 3:
If the student is not satisfied with the resolutions provided from steps one and two, they can set up a meeting with the Director, Student Life (Humber College), or Department Head, Student Services (Guelph-Humber) where an indisputable decision will be made regarding their appeal. Results from the appeal will be provided to all parties in writing.

*A validator is defined as the staff, or faculty member of Humber College or University of Guelph-Humber whom is responsible for approving or declining student participation in a co-curricular experience related to the Validator's position/portfolio.
**A student is defined as an active student of Humber College or University of Guelph-Humber.